Darwin's battle royale

Artificial intelligence by reinforcement in Unity

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01. Info

Status: Completed

Dates: 16/01/2022 - 10/04/2022


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    // Game Engine

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    // Programming language

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    // Machine Learning Framework


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    // Unity and Artificial Intelligence Developer

03. Presentation


This project is a "zero player game" or "self played game" (like Conway's game), i.e. the player only selects the initial situation. t is an evolutionary artificial intelligence project: the experience is repeated over several generations and each generation takes advantage of the previous one with certain possible mutations.
It is a 3D environment in which creatures evolve. Each creature's goal is to kill the others through hand-to-hand combat and the creature that is last to remain wins.

Level up

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning
  • AI-Driven Video Game Development
  • Solo Project Management (Daily scrums, feature writing, written record of work, etc…)