Website to help high school students in their orientation

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01. Info

Status: Completed

Dates: 04/04/2022 - 29/07/2022


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    // Programming language

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    // JavaScript frontend Framework

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    // Backend as a Service


  • Me

    // Fullstack Developer and Designer

03. Presentation


Longue-vue is a web application that I created during my internship at the end of my DUT. Its objective is to offer a support to help high school students in their choice of orientation.

The internship

I did my internship in the Quebec company Cosmoss La Matanie which has the mission to accompany children from early childhood to professional integration.
I was the only developer on the project, so it was up to me to organize the ideas and needs of the company and then implement them in the final product.


I started by thinking about the structure of the application. Since it is a hub of activities and resources, it was important to get the user experience right. According to the clients, sections quickly emerged. So I started to design the interface and integrate basic components (texts, buttons, login interface, etc.) while learning the philosophy of the Vue.js framework. Very quickly, I needed to tackle the backend. The company strongly advised me to use Firebase for the reduced costs (on a small scale) and for the speed of development. I continued to work all along the internship with the agile method on the backend and the frontend in parallel.

Continuation of the project

It was expected that the project would not be finalized in time, but the goal was to provide a functional basis
The project was handed over to a specialized company to continue the work started. The application aspires to be used in many schools in Quebec.

Level up

  • Web development with the Vue.js framework
  • NoSQL database management
  • Project management, communication with clients


This project was very rich in learning in the web domain that I didn't know enough before my internship. In the end, I am very proud of the result and it is really motivating to think that this application will be continued and used to help students.