Social network for artists and art lovers

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01. Info

Status: Completed

Dates: 15/09/2022 - 02/07/2023


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    // Mobile application framework

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    // Programming language

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    // Programming language

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    // Backend framework

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    // Relational database


  • Océane Bonnet

    // Communication manager

  • Me

    // Quality manager

  • Theo Gillet

    // UI/UX designer

  • Quentin Mortier

    // Technical lead

  • Clément Turlure

    // Backend developer

03. Presentation


As part of my training, I had the opportunity to work on a concrete project for the Waves association. Waves is an association that aims to combine art and humanitarianism. Its founder had an idea for a mobile application that was close to his heart, and he asked us to help him realize his project. Over the year, we worked as a group on the conception, design and realization of his project: Artista


The project consisted in designing and developing a social network for artists, where they can publish their works and projects. The social network consists of two types of accounts: artists and travelers. Artists can share their creations, while travelers can discover and comment on the works. The aim was to create a friendly, caring platform that would showcase artists and encourage positive interactions.


The project was carried out over a period of 10 months, with various key phases. We began with the design phase, where we drew up the specifications and then created the mockup on Figma. The design and preparation phase of the project (backend, frontend, server deployment) took up almost half of our time. Finally, we developed the application by separating the tasks and using the SCRUM method to make iterative progress

Level up

  • I acquired solid project management skills, respecting deadlines and managing priorities.
  • I actively participated in the application design phase, defining features and creating the wireframe and mockup.
  • I extended my skills in mobile application development by using the appropriate languages and tools to create a cross-platform solution.


This project was a rewarding experience that enabled me to apply my technical skills and develop new skills in project management and customer collaboration. Although mobile development and more generally application development are not for me, I'm still proud to have taken part in this project.