Airplane simulation game

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01. Info

Status: Completed

Dates: 26/09/2021 - 17/03/2022


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    // Game engine

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    // Programming language

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    // 3D modeling software

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    // Version Manager


  • CreatibOfficiel

    // Unity developer, Gameplay developer and Product Owner

  • Darvasse

    // Unity developer and responsible for the procedural generation of the terrain

  • Lechiffre4

    // Unity developer, Gameplay developer and Scrum master

  • liliangst

    // Unity developer and GUI Manager

  • Me

    // Unity developer, Physics simulation lead and Development lead

  • OmegaProd

    // 3D modeler and Unity developer

  • qpYliqp

    // Unity developer, responsible for organizing assets

03. Presentation


This project is an airplane game similar to Flight Simulator. The plane is quite realistic without being too difficult to handle.
The map is generated procedurally, so that that the landscapes are not always the same.
For the gameplay, the game offers 3 game modes:

  • Free mode: the player can explore the map as much as he wishes
  • Delivery mode: the player must transport goods and deliver them from the air to a set target
  • Canadair mode: the player must drop water to put out fires

My role in the team was responsible for the development, I was responsible for ensuring that the code generated by the team members was uniform and organized, I also supervised the use from git.


For this project, we used the agile method and we divided our 2 months of development into 3 sprints.
First, I was in charge of implementing the flight controller so that the planes are functional. It was a central feature of the project on which all other parts of the development relied.
Then I continued to implement features to my controller to respect all the behaviors of a real plane.
Finally, I participated in the programming of the gameplay with the canadair game mode.

Level up

  • Mastery of Unity 3D
  • Teamwork with the agile method


I really liked the simulation aspect of this project, in addition, working with a team of this size was a new experience for me and I am very happy with the organization and the atmosphere of work that we have managed to establish.